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The Books The World ‘Wrote’.

I've always loved the the written word . The idiosyncratic warmth of an ‘i’ dotted or a ‘t’ crossed . Our unique individual signature which says so much about who we are . You see, it’s not just what we write, but how we write it.

My name's Mark Lawrence and the idea for The Books The World Wrote has been bubbling away in my subconcious for
quite some time . It occured to me that we could collectively write a story which no one person ever could. . A global collective of creativity, unifying each of us on a crusade of narrative.

It's why four Moleskine books are out there right now with their unique stories tentativaly germinating inside . I can’t wait to see how each one turns out, both inside the books and their own journey around the world . But one thing I do know, it’s going to be one hell of a handwritten tale .

One for the books - quite literally.

Here’s to a happy ending . : )